In this fascinating process, playwright Suzie Miller was half a world away, contributing from her home base in Australia. Writing would come in over night, we’d work with the actors during the day and then send Suzie extensive feedback each evening. She would work on revisions during her daytime and then the cycle would begin again. This collaboration, separated by time and space, was both challenging and exciting.


“When everything is at stake, what would you sacrifice to make things right? The Sacrifice Zone cuts right to fundamental questions of responsibility. Is balance, indeed justice, ever possible? Gargantua explores issues of individual, corporate and environmental accountability through their signature physical and visual performance style, based on a script by celebrated Australian playwright Suzie Miller.”

Directed by Jacquie P.A. Thomas
Written by Suzie Miller
Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton
Set Design by Michael Spence
Costume Design by Sheree Tams
Lighting and Projection Design by Laird McDonald
Sound Design by John Gzowski
Performed by Ciara Adams, Joel Benson, Pam Patel, Michelle Polak, and Michael Spence

Performed Factory Theatre, Toronto, ON, Canada

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