All Good Things – Vertical City
Vertical City Project – Vertical City
YouTopia – Vertical City
Trace – Vertical City
The Rogue Show – Vertical City and Kaeja d’Dance
Taste – Vertical City and Ghost River Theatre
tiny – Vertical City and Zuppa Theatre

Under Wraps – Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland
Dance Marathon – bluemouth inc.
Lenz – bluemouth inc.
Stay (a) Wake: A Field Guide to Strip Poker – bluemouth inc.
Swimmer (68) – Hopscotch Collective
X-ODUS – Kaeja d’Dance
.0 – Kaeja d’Dance
Icaria – Number Eleven Theatre
Prague Visitor – Number Eleven Theatre
Imprints – Theatre Gargantua
Sacrifice Zone – Theatre Gargantua
5 Easy Steps (To the End of the World) – Zuppa Theatre
Open Kitchen Theatre – Zuppa Theatre
Penny Dreadful – Zuppa Theatre
Poor Boy – Zuppa Theatre
Radium City – Zuppa Theatre