Radium City Poster

Radium City (2004 -)

Playtext by Robert Plowman
Directed by Alex McLean
Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton
Performed multiple locations: Halifax, Toronto

In a future as far away as tomorrow, a scientist is about to discover the cure for time. But before he does, his daughter will die. And before he does, an architect will build a tower high enough to cast a shadow over all of history. And before he does, a man will step through the doorway to the place where ideas come from, and turn invisible.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLZgg_ZrafI&feature=related
Performance Text: In Reluctant Texts from Exuberant Performance: Canadian Devised TheatreNew Canadian Drama Volume 9. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 2008.
Sample of My Publication on Radium City: “Delirious Juxtapositions and Wondrous, Vaulting Logic: Running Away to Join the (Zuppa) Circus.” In Reluctant Texts from Exuberant Performance.