“1863. Mice are gathering under the floorboards of a wealthy Halifax estate. In the servants’ quarters, Charlie is setting traps while Adelaide, the drunken scullery maid, has delusions of sainthood. The two servants become the fascination of their employer’s wayward son, home with stories of travels in strange lands. A love triangle develops driven by greed, temper and a perverse sense of destiny, culminating in a violent act.”


Performance Text by the Company
Directed by Alex McLean
Dramaturgy, Text, and Devising Collaboration: Bruce Barton
Performed by Ben Stone, Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Stewart Legere, and Claire Gallant.
Original Musical Score by Jason Michael MacIsaac and David Christensen
Costume Design by Leesa Hamilton
Lighting Design by Louisa Adamson
Technical Support by Jess Lewis

Performed multiple locations: Halifax, Toronto, Vancouver

Sample Review

Awards: 2 Robert Merritt Awards (Nova Scotia): Musical Score and Supporting Performer

Sample of My Publication on Penny Dreadful: “Judged as Mystery: Making Space with Penny Dreadful.” In New Canadian Realisms. Ed Roberta Barker and Kim Solga. Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press, 2012. 166 – 71.