1998 – 2006

After attending the final performance of Icaria during its premiere run at the delapidated Khyber Club in Halifax, I joined Ker and Number Eleven as dramaturg as they continued to explore, refine and reimagine this complex, intricate puzzle of a performance. These were artistically formative exchanges for me, as well as the beginning of long and lasting friendships.

“A story about the defining role of death in life, the precision of memory, the impossibility of family, and the gift of loss. An athletic and prismatic montage of ideas, movement, song, and images, Icaria explores the vital, life-affirming intensity of mourning and the unwavering embrace of the past.”

Performance Text: Canadian Theatre Review 135 (2008): 91 ff.

Sample of My Publication on Icaria: “Mining ‘Turbulence’: Authorship Through Direction in Physically-Based Devised Theatre.” In Directing and Authorship in Western Drama. Ed. Anna Migliarisi.  New York, Ottawa, Toronto. Legas Publishing, 2006. 1-19

Text and Performance by Number Eleven Theatre: Varrick Grimes, Sondra Haglund (1998 only), Alex McLean, Elizabeth Rucker, Jane Wells and Ker Wells
Directed by Ker Wells
Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton
Presented multiple locations: Halifax, Toronto, New York, Labrador, St. John’s (NF)


Photos by Tarek Abouamin © 1998.