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tiny is a performance-in-progress, a collaboration with Halifax’s magical Zuppa Theatre Company. The piece focuses on the quotidian life of super heroes — on how difficult it is to live tiny when the world wants you to live big, big, big. In the earliest stages of development, tiny is evolving into an interactive and interdisciplinary work with several¬†media platforms involved. There may or may not be flying.

Bruce and Alex explored the world of tiny¬†as part of the Banff Centre’s Playwrights Retreat and Colony in the spring of 2015, followed by a summer development period in Halifax. Watch for more news over the coming months.

Written and co-created by Bruce Barton
Directed and co-created by Alex McLean
Performed and co-created by Ben Stone, Stewart Legere, and Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Zuppa Apprentices and creative contributors: Miranda Jones, Lily Ross-Millard, and Erin W. Johnston