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All Photos ©2014 Cameron MacLennan

The Rogue Show

A co-production with Kaeja d’Dance

After 20 years of creating award-winning choreography, Allen Kaeja embarks on his first ever solo performance. The Rogue Show is an experiment and an adventure – a deeply personal exploration of individuality and defiance, but also of the unshakeable bonds of family and culture.

Tumultuous and reflective. Rowdy and intimate. Robust and fragile. The Rogue Show invites the audience to join Allen on a journey of personal and artistic independence, evolution, and discovery. His first, unexpected collision with dance in an Israeli bomb shelter … his father’s inability to accept dance as Allen’s true passion … his meeting, through dance, with his life-long partner … these and many more experiences provide the basis for words, movement, music and engagement that is highly physical, contemplative, and playful.

Allen collaborates on The Rogue Show with Director/Co-Choreographer (and good friend) Bruce Barton to both celebrate and interrogate memory and to reveal, challenge, and reimagine Allen’s personal history in dance, song, story and video. Audience members are also integral to the event, as they become performers and creators, sharing their own stories and dancing their own experiences. For, in the end, The Rogue Show is about the collaborative power of stories and the seductive, defining processes of storytelling.



Conceived and Choreographed by Allen Kaeja and Bruce Barton
Performance and Text by Allen Kaeja
Direction and Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton

Information and tickets can be found here.

Workshop Showing: Dovercourt House, Toronto, ON, Canada (April 26, 2014)
Premiere Production: Dovercourt House, Toronto, ON, Canada (November 8 – 16, 2014)

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