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.0 (Point Zero) is immediate. The result of any decision has a myriad of consequences. Are we ready? .0 is haunting. The dancers are continuously rebounding and finding stability in a volatile environment. .0 is unpredictable. Supporting the impulsive, five dancers propel, distract, interfere and encourage each other’s choices. Partially set choreography and partially improvised, the distinction is elusive.

Choreography by Allen Kaeja
Performed by Zhenya Cerneacov, Merideth Plumb, Ana Claudette Groppler, Michael Caldwell, and Karen Kaeja
Dramaturgy by Bruce Barton
Soundscape by Edgardo Moreno

Produced by Kaeja d’Dance

Performed in the Enwave Theatre as part of the NextSteps Series, Harbourfront Performing Arts, Toronto, ON, March 24 – 28, 2015.


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tiny is a performance-in-progress, a collaboration with Halifax’s magical Zuppa Theatre Company. The piece focuses on the quotidian life of super heroes — on how difficult it is to live tiny when the world wants you to live big, big, big. In the earliest stages of development, tiny is evolving into an interactive, multi- and interdisciplinary work with multiple media platforms involved. There may or may not be flying.

Written and co-created by Bruce Barton
Directed and co-created by Alex McLean
Performed and co-created by Ben Stone, Stewart Legere, and Susan Leblanc-Crawford
Zuppa Apprentices and creative contributors: Miranda Jones, Lily Ross-Millard, and Erin W. Johnston